Meet Our Staff


Ninsiima Deus

Deus is our head teacher for our Seeds of Hope School.  He teaches primary four and five classrooms. He is married with two children.  Deus has been with us since the beginning days.  He has been faithful to serve at our Seeds of Hope School.  Deus loves our children so much.  You will often see him getting down to the children's level and just genuinely loving on our children.  


Ashimwe Berina

Berina is our senior woman teacher.  She is the head of the nursery section and class teacher for top class.  Berina teaches mathematical concepts, health habits, social development, language one, language two and English.  She is married and expecting their first baby.  Berina's husband does not have work and it is important for her to get a sponsor as their family is growing.  $100/month will help to support Berina and her family.


Ngabitano daniel

Daniel is our director of studies.  He teaches science for primary four and primary five.  He also teaches literacy one for primary three.  Daniel is a devoted teacher and finds creative ways to teach with limited supplies. He loves pouring into our children.  $100/month will help to support Daniel and also to help him to support his parents and siblings. 

tusingize sophia

Sophia is our sports teacher, school store keeper and class teacher for primary two.  She teaches literacy for primary one, English for primary two, mathematics for primary two and religious education for primary four.  Sophia has been with us since the very beginning and has been a devoted teacher.  Her love for the children and her devotion to them is beyond anything we could ever ask.  $100 /month will helpt to support Sophia and also to help her to support her parents and siblings.